Our aims

Girl with Norwich Research Park lanyards - credit UEA

Inspiring curiosity in science

Norwich Science Festival has grown from inception and its first outing in 2016 to a nationally recognised Festival that showcases groundbreaking research and brings the best household names the region.

If you want to take part or become a sponsor, please take a look at our aims and outcomes:


  • To showcase and champion Norwich as a positive and progressive ‘city of science and tech innovation’

  • To spark curiosity and inspire a lifelong interest in science, to increase knowledge and to develop the general public’s greater understanding of the importance of scientific research to their everyday lives

  • To engage with new audiences, specifically those from communities who have low science capital and do not currently engage with the Festival

  • To build sustainable and creative relationships with partners and collaborators to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to all

  • To portray an extensive range of scientific research, with a particular focus on local research

  • To provide a platform for scientists to develop their public engagement skills and communicate their research to the general public

  • To showcase and celebrate the full diversity of people working in science

  • To encourage creativity and cross-genre activities between the arts and science

  • To promote positive behavioural change from our visitors to benefit their health and the environment

  • To improve accessibility to the Festival