The Explorium

People enjoying the Explorium inside The Forum

Throughout the Festival, The Forum's Atrium and an outdoor heated marquee are transformed into The Explorium - a place for visitors of all ages to explore science through free, hands-on activities for all ages!

The Explorium is open every day during the Festival from 10.30am-4pm. Each day has its own theme - so whether you're into astronomy or zoology, you can be sure there's something for every one in The Explorium!

Quiet Hour at The Explorium

For a calmer, less busy experience, book onto our Quiet Hour from 9.30am-10.30am each day. This time may particularly suit visitors who are neurodiverse or would prefer a quieter sensory experience. Our Festival team will be on hand to give you a warm welcome!

At 10.30am the doors will open to the wider public. Visitors joining us for Quiet Hour are most welcome to stay and continue exploring.

Photography by Beth Moseley

The Explorium Marquee is sponsored by

Explore the wonders of the natural world with our partners from across Norfolk, from the smallest of creatures through to the wild and wonderful animals that we share our planet with.

Discover the journey our food takes, from fields and farms all the way to the end of our forks! What kind of food is produced here in Norfolk? How have we farmed in the past, and how is technology shaping farming of the future?

Delve into the wonders of technology and engineering - from the tiniest of computer chips to the biggest of buildings! Talk tech and AI with those who know it best and meet local experts in the construction industry.

Our brains are amazing! This fantastic organ enables us to learn, create and feel, as well as controlling every blink of our eyes and beat of our heart.

But what about our mental health or state of mind? Explore the wonders of psychology and the mind with our partners from across Norfolk - and beyond!

Explore the amazing scientific research happening right here in our fine city! Meet the real scientists who are changing the world as we speak – and be inspired to have a go for yourself.

Explore the great expanse of the universe – from shooting stars to black holes – through to the tiniest of molecules and atoms that make up our lives here on Earth! Plus, find out how physics plays a role in your eyesight.

Globally we witnessed some of the most extreme weather in 2023, from devastating heatwaves to torrential downpours and flooding. The climate crisis is here – and action is desperately needed. Explore some of the incredible research taking place here, in Norwich, to counter the effects of climate change and learn what we can all do to help.

Rarely does science feel more important than when we need modern medicine.

Don’t miss today’s amazing display from the East Anglian Air Ambulance, and also the toxicology unit and a blood bar.

See what you can do to boost your wellbeing!


  • The Forum has a multi-story underground car park with 209 spaces offering convenient access for your event and Norwich city centre. Normal car parking charges apply. Click here for full information about the car park and charges.

  • Visitor toilets can be found in the Atrium, on the far left hand side. Pizza Express and Cafe Bar Marzano also have customer toilets.

    Baby changing facilities are available.

    For more information about toilet facilities click here

  • A Changing Places toilet provides sanitary accommodation for people with multiple and complex disabilities who have one or two assistants with them.

    A Changing Places toilet includes an adult sized changing bench, ceiling track hoist system and privacy screen, as well as a number of other features designed to assistant people with multiple and complex needs.

    You can find full details and dimensions on our Accessibility page.