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Dr Jess French and Prof Ben Garrod with alligator

Over the last few years, we've had fantastic events and talks on all sorts of subjects, from tiny bugs to the vastness of space. We're pleased to be able to offer a snapshot of these for you to watch again with the videos below. Links open in YouTube.

Long Covid: Reasons, Research and Recovery

Our panel looked at the possible theories behind the syndrome, the latest research, and pathways to recovery. With cardiologists Dr Boon Lim and Prof Vassilios Vassiliou, General Practitioner Dr Sarah Glynne and hosted by writer and broadcaster Vivienne Parry.

Myth-busting the menopause

A frank myth-busting discussion with five leading experts Consultant Gynaecologists Mr Tim Duncan and Mr Paul Simpson along with GPs Dr Emily Cary, Dr Hannah Healy and Dr Susanne Ahlund. They explore contemporary healthcare, cover all the common questions, and discuss how the best treatment,

Ocelot Dissection Live

Professor Ben Garrod and Dr Jess French carried out a scientific dissection to reveal the inner workings of an ocelot, as part of Norwich Science Festival 2023.

Parental advisory. Disclaimer: The animals died of old age and have been donated for the purpose of education.

Llama dissection

Prof Ben Garrod (evolutionary biologist) and Dr Jess French (zoologist) lead this scientific dissection to reveal the inner workings of a llama. Parental advisory.

The Codebreakers of Coronavirus

Discover work by the Quadram Institute using the genetic data of Coronavirus to help combat the disease.

Hello Future Healthcare: Tech Innovation in Medicine

Find out about how local initiatives are changing the future of healthcare in this Norwich Research Park discussion.

A Bold Vision of Hope for a Sustainable Future

We are using the Earth’s resources far faster than they can replenish. Join Prof Tim O’Riordan and panel to discuss how we can learn to live sustainably.

Alligator dissection with Dr Jess French & Prof Ben Garrod

See the inner workings of this amazing alligator, which died from natural causes. Parental advisory.

Climate of Change: Time for Action

Join UEA researchers to hear about the implications and impacts of different forms of climate action.

The Night Sky with Mark Thompson

Find out how astronomers take images of galaxies and nebulae millions of light years away.

Your Inner Chimp

Why do we walk on two legs not four? How has the thumb shaped humanity? Prof Ben Garrod and Dr Jess French look at the anatomy of a chimpanzee, and discuss what it means to be human.
Ages 12+

The Power of Collaboration: The Fight Against COVID-19

Hear how Norwich Research Park joined the fight against COVID-19.
Ages 12+

Lunchtime Labs: Lunchtime Lava

Get ready for explosive facts and fun activities on all things volcano from UEA’s School of Environmental Sciences. Ages 7+

You can see more of our previous events on our YouTube channel. If you've enjoyed these events, please consider donating to Norwich Science Festival.