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We’ve rounded up some of the best science home schooling activities from our partners, patrons and contributors. The online activities cover a wide range of STEMM at home activities and learning.

Please note that inclusion does not indicate endorsement by either Norwich Science Festival or The Forum.

Other online resources:

  • BBC Bitesize – for primary, secondary and post 16+
  • STEM Learning – a large range of primary, secondary and A-level resources
  • Raspberry Pi coding
  • Scratch coding
  • Tynker coding
  • Futurum – secondary and college level STEMM activity sheets
  • Twinkl – primary and secondary resources. Twinkl are now offering free access to help prepare and continue education. Enter UKTWINKLHELPS on to begin your free access.
  • Engineering Activity Zone – from HM Government and packed full of challenges and projects to get kids thinking and building like engineers
  • BrainPop – US based but has a wealth of subjects

YouTube Channels:

  • Maddie Moate – the host of the BAFTA nominated CBeebies TV series Maddie’s Do You Know?, Maddie explores animals, plants, travel and technology. Also all on Maddie’s own website
  • SciShow Kids – explores all those curious topics that make us ask “why?”
  • National Geographic Kids – Nat Geo Kids makes it fun to explore your world with weird, wild, and wacky videos
  • Science Max – a series that turbocharges all the science experiments you’ve done at home
  • Geek Gurl Diaries – for all those who love Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Python, programming, computer science, logic and electronics
  • Sci Show – the presenters delve into the scientific subjects that defy our expectations and make us even more curious
  • Mike Likes Science – science inspired music videos

Resources to order: