This event happened in the past (2018 edition)

How To Be An Urban Birder

With David Lindo

This is an event from the 2018 edition

Urban birding is fast becoming ornithology’s new rock ’n’ roll. Birds and birding have never been cooler – and urban birding is at the cutting edge. David Lindo, aka The Urban Birder, explains the intricacies of looking good whilst watching birds in urban areas, from using binoculars to finding a local patch to channelling The Force to find birds. His mission is to connect city folk with the wildlife around them – his motto is simple: look up!

David Lindo is The Urban Birder – broadcaster, writer, speaker and tour leader. His mission is to engage city folk around the world with the plentiful urban nature that surrounds them. He has written countless articles on urban birds, urban conservation and wildlife in general for many websites, publications and magazines. He is a regular television and radio presenter and has been featured on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 in the UK as well as other TV and radio channels around the world including CBS in the United States.

David is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Writers and a member of the British Travel Writers Guild. He is the Founder of Britain’s Vote National Bird Campaign in 2015 that resulted in over 226,000 votes; Tower 42 Bird Study Group, and is on the committee of The Friends Of Wormwood Scrubs. He is the author of The Urban Birder, Tales From Concrete Jungles, Urban Birding, and How To Be An Urban Birder. He is a proud Ambassador for Leica Birding and the London Wildlife Trust and a Patron of the Alderney Wildlife Trust and Birding For All – charity dedicated to facilitating access to nature reserves for disabled people. David was recently named as the 7th most influential person in wildlife by BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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Programmed in collaboration with Norfolk Festival of Nature. The Norfolk Festival of Nature is a partnership that uniquely brings together many organisations that work across Norfolk for the benefit of wildlife and nature, including: Norfolk Wildlife Trust, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the British Trust for Ornithology, Norfolk Museums’ Service, the University of East Anglia, Wild Days Conservation, the Broads Authority, The National Centre for Writing, and many others.

Norfolk Festival of Nature

Saturday 20 October
Venue: The Forum, Auditorium
Cost: £6
Age: 8+

Tickets go off-sale 12 hours prior to the event. Tickets may be available at The Forum’s ticket office on the day. All attendees need a ticket. Under 12s must be accompanied.