Explore the Science of Self in this new series of events!

2024, Norwich Science Festival

Fill your lunch-hour with these fantastic talks

A new strand of events for Norwich Science Festival 2024 is all about the science of ourselves, from our mental health to the way in which we experience love. Science of Self is a series of hour-long talks, designed to fill your lunch break and help you to better understand our brains, hearts and bodies!

This series of events (sponsored by CIM) is designed to improve your wellbeing, support your professional development, and help you become your best self - whether that's finally cracking Couch to 5k, or learning how to better work better in a team.

The Science of Running

Do you jog the occasional 5K, or have you completed the Run Norwich 10K?

Whatever your personal best may be, learn how we might all become better runners in this inspirational talk from Professor Ben Garrod. Drawing on his experiences of running the 360km Dragon's Back, and the battery of tests that came with it, this inspirational talk from Ben is not one to miss!

Age 12+

Emotional Ignorance

Why can't we think straight when we're hungry? And why can we never forget embarrassing memories? One thing is for sure - emotions can be a pain.

Neuroscientist and author Dr Dean Burnett explores the spectrum of human emotion, combining expert analysis, humour, and powerful insights into the grieving process. You might recognise him from his column Brain Flapping at the Guardian, which ran from 2012 to 2018!

Age 16+

Decoding Team Dynamics

James Bianco, Director of 16degrees.org, will explore the science behind building teams that work, with practical advice and takeaways to apply in your workplace. Designed to help you upskill, get the best out of your career, and develop your emotional intelligence, this event is perfect for your professional development.

Age 16+

The Balanced Brain

Understanding the cause if poor mental health is one of the crucial questions of our time. Award-winning neuroscientist Camilla Nord will explore how our brain constructs our sense of mental health, and will show that, with so many factors at play - there are more possibilities for resilience than we think.

Age 12+

The Science of Love

Fresh from her appearance on BBC's Planet Sex, evolutionary anthropologist Dr Anna Machin offers a whistle-stop tour of our genes and neurochemicals to answer the question, what is love? Anna will explore the factors that impact how we behave and how we feel when we are in love in this fascinating talk.

Age 16+

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