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Sci Comms East Conference

This is an event from the 2019 edition

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The Enterprise CentreUEANRP Doctoral Training Partnership

An exciting opportunity for early career scientists and science communicators to join experts in this special day of talks, workshops and networking. Join communications experts as they share their knowledge of effective science communication, from science video production, to social media tips and creative storytelling, this conference is perfect for anyone wishing to improve their science communication skills.

Speakers include: Hana Ayoob, Dr Lucy Catto, Dr Jamie Gallagher, Dr Erica Hawkins, Dr Suze Kundu, Alex Lathbridge, Gemma Milne, Lucy Moore Fuller, Peter Moore Fuller, Dr Sam Rowe, Hilary Thomson

Workshops cover: Developing activities for festivals, Sharing science with nursery & primary school children, Science video production, Social media for scientists, Freelance science writing, Science poster surgery, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® insights into science communication, Creative storytelling for science communication

Event timetable
09:30 – 10:00: Registration & tea/coffee
10:00 – 10:10: Welcome
10:10 – 10:40: Keynote – Dr Suze Kundu
10:45 – 12:15 (90 mins): Workshop #1 with 4x parallel sessions

  • LEGO® insights into science communication – Peter Moore Fuller
  • Creative storytelling for science communication – Hilary Thomson
  • Designing activities for festivals – Hana Ayoob
  • Science poster surgery – Lucy Moore Fuller

12:15 – 13:00: Lunch & networking
13:00 – 13:45 (45 mins): Presentations with 3x parallel sessions

  • Social media for scientists – Dr Erica Hawkins & Dr Sam Rowe
  • The guide to an (unconventional) freelance life – Gemma Milne
  • Sharing science with primary school children – Dr Lucy Catto

13:50 – 15:20 (90 mins): Workshop #2 with 4x parallel sessions

  • LEGO® insights into science communication – Peter Moore Fuller
  • Creative storytelling for science communication – Hilary Thomson
  • Science video production – Dr Jamie Gallagher
  • Creating your audience – Alex Lathbridge

15:25 – 15:55: Cake & networking
16:00 – 16:45: Open forum Q&A in lecture theatre with all speakers & 1 min flash talks about local science communication opportunities (Developing Experts, Pint of Science, NNSA and Sci-Comm Socials)
16:45 – 17:00: Closing remarks
17:00 – Late: Launch of sci-comm socials (UEA venue TBC)

About Hana Ayoob

Hana Ayoob
Hana Ayoob is a creative producer of science events, a trainer and a science communicator. She has developed and delivered hundreds of events at national science festivals, working with researchers, artists and other collaborators. Hana regularly speaks and performs at comedy shows, festivals and other events and co-hosts the science and technology podcast Why Aren’t You a Doctor Yet? Hana also co-founded Minorities in STEM, a UK network which supports and showcases BAME individuals working and studying in STEM.

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About Dr Lucy Catto

Dr Lucy Catto
Lucy Catto is a Biochemist and owner of Mini Professors Norwich – a science programme delivering workshops to 2-7 year olds in nurseries, schools and the wider community. She has been involved in Science Communication projects both in the UK and USA for over 16 years. She also volunteers as a STEM Ambassador regularly visiting local schools and nurseries. She loves to tap into children’s natural curiosity and to share her own love of science with the next generation.

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About Dr Jamie Gallagher

Mindblowing Materials
Credit: Steve Cross

Jamie is an award-winning scientist and science communicator. He spends his days sharing his love of science and helping others to do the same. His work has taken him around the world, from skyscrapers of Hong Kong to tents in the African bush. As well as speaking live to thousands of people each year he’s had work published in 19 different counties and has contributed to a number of television shows, radio programs and museum exhibitions. Jamie’s work has seen him named as one of the “100 leading practising scientists in the UK” by the Science Council and he is recognised as one of the “175 Faces of Chemistry” by the Royal Society of Chemistry. He won the International 3 Minute Thesis Competition and was a previous Famelab UK runner up.

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About Dr Erica Hawkins
Dr Erica Hawkins
Erica is a plant biologist and science communicator working at the John Innes Centre. She previously completed a PhD at the University of East Anglia exploring the use of medicinal plant compounds for healthy human skin. During her PhD, Erica participated in a variety of outreach projects including Pint of Science and the Youth STEMM Award. She also set up a blog called “A Scientist called Erica” where she talks about science, and mental health, as well as showcasing women in science through her Meet the Scientist series. She loves talking about science and uses Instagram and Twitter to show life as a science researcher and to promote a more open environment to talk about mental health in academia.

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About Dr Suze Kundu
Dr Suze Kundu
Suze is a nanochemist, literally and professionally. She is fascinated about breaking down the building blocks of life into its fundamental components, and building them back up again, better than before. She has a BSc in Chemistry, a MSc in Analytical Chemistry and a PhD in Materials Chemistry from University College London. A passionate educator, she has also studied for a PGCE in Senior School Science, and an MEd in University Learning and Teaching while teaching at Imperial College London. After six years lecturing at Imperial College London and the University of Surrey, she is now the Head of Public Engagement at the technology company Digital Science, where she continues to research interesting topics within chemistry and materials science, but also the wider research landscape. Suze is a cheerleader for greater diversity in science, and is also an experienced science communicator, delivering live shows and demo lectures, as a science presenter on the Discovery Channel, and as a science writer for Forbes. In her spare time Suze loves attending live gigs, especially of her favourite band Muse, and enjoys learning different styles of dance, having first started ballet classes at the age of three.

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About Dr Alex Lathbridge

Dr Alex Lathbridge
Dr Alex Lathbridge is a biochemist, comedian, and producer of Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet? – a popular science/tech podcast featured on the BBC, Nature, & more. He’s presented for CrowdScience on BBC World Service and has been known to chat about science/tech on Radio 1Xtra. He co-founded Minorities in STEM, a UK network showcasing and supporting PoC working and studying in STEM. He’s passionate about the use of social media in widening audiences and developing new media.

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About Gemma Milne

Gemma Milne
Credit: Francis Augusto

Gemma Milne is a Science & Technology Writer covering all things deep tech, including biotech, advanced computing, space, energy and innovation in academia, for titles such as Forbes, the BBC, CNBC, the Guardian, and Quartz. She is also Co-Host of Science: Disrupt – a podcast interviewing the innovators, iconoclasts & entrepreneurs creating change in science. As a deep tech consultant, she is an Expert Advisor for the European Commission and Innovate UK, and a Scout for Backed VC. Gemma is an Innovation Jury Member for SXSW and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and she is currently writing her first book on hype and idealism in science and tech.

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About Lucy Moore Fuller

Lucy Moore Fuller is a designer, editor and communications consultant with almost 20 years of experience in supporting communication in higher education, research, healthcare and science. Since 2014, Lucy has been co-leading infohackit, an innovative programme delivering events and training for researchers, students and experts, to develop skills to communicate scientific concepts, processes and data.


About Peter Moore Fuller

Peter Moore-Fuller
As well as being a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, Peter Moore Fuller is a designer, trainer and guest lecturer in Science Communications at UEA. Since 2014, Peter has been co-leading infohackit, an innovative programme delivering events to support researchers, students and experts to develop skills to communicate concepts, processes and data.

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About Dr Sam Rowe

Dr. Sam Rowe
Sam is a scientist and science communicator working on events and marketing for Norwich Science Festival 2019. He previously completed a PhD at the University of East Anglia exploring the use of bacteria for artificial photosynthesis – a process where solar energy is captured to make useful chemicals. During his PhD, Sam supported a variety of outreach activities: volunteering with the Royal Society of Chemistry, engaging with businesses through the Norfolk Network, and coordinating events with the local branch of the British Science Association. Prior to his current role, Sam worked for ed-tech company Developing Experts where he presented in videos on Key Stage 1-4 science topics and interviewed scientists in academia and industry.


About Hilary Thomson

Hillary Thomson
Hilary is a freelance trainer, creative arts educator and social and educational programme designer, with a B/A in English and Theatre studies and a PGCE in Drama. She has worked as a drama teacher and a performer, director and writer with some of the top theatre and puppet companies in the country. She teaches on various University courses, runs drama days and teacher INSET training and uses Forum Theatre role play in her training programmes. Hilary specialises in successfully combining creativity with people development, using active learning techniques to create highly effective courses.

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Saturday 12 October
Venue: UEA, The Enterprise Centre
Cost: £15, free for Norwich Research Park staff and students
Age: 16+