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Health Day

The Explorium

This is an event from the 2018 edition

The Explorium

A day all about our bodies, medicine and health. Our bodies are miraculous things, from the wonder of DNA and the minutest cell, to the complexity of our brains.

Walk inside a giant gut! Discover what ants and jelly beans have to do with our bodies! Delve into dementia with Alzheimer’s Research UK’s virtual reality experience. Find out about local NHS research to help discover new medical treatments and cures. Play the National Institute for Health Research’s fun interactive game. Find out about deafness and learn to fingerspell. Plus many more activities from UEA, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, the Quadram Institute and more.

Illustrations: DesignPod


Meet the Guardians of the Gut

Guardians of the GutWho are the scaled-down superheroes battling baddies in our gut, and keeping us in tip-top health? Find out as the Hall Lab at the Quadram Institute introduce you to the Guardians of the Gut.

Our bodies are home to a diverse population of microbes, known collectively as our microbiota. These microbes play an important role in keeping us healthy from birth to old age. Scientists are now beginning to unravel exactly how these microscopic marvels work together and with us, and how this affects our health.

Guardians of the Gut

At The Guardians of the Gut you can learn about the amazing variety of bacteria that colonise our gut, and the roles they play in our growth, development and wellbeing. Walking through a giant interactive gut you can explore the different roles microbes play. You’ll get the chance to find out what happens if you change your diet, or if you have to take a course of antibiotics. And you can explore the new bacterial therapies that are being developed by the Hall lab to manipulate the microbiota to combat diseases.

The Guardians of the Gut has been developed by the Hall Lab at the Quadram Institute.  They are studying how our birth and conditions in early life can change our gut microbiota and how this can impact our health.

Hall LabQuadram Institute


Delve into dementia – Alzheimer’s Research UK

Join Alzheimer’s Research UK as we delve into dementia with a fully interactive stand. Explore the brain and find out how it is affected in dementia through a range of creative activities, brain games and a virtual reality experience.

Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UK’s leading dementia research charity, dedicated to causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure. Backed by our passionate scientists and supporters, we’re challenging the way people think about dementia, uniting the big thinkers in the field and funding the innovative science that will deliver a cure.

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Effect on Appetite of a Treat BasEd on ARtificial Sweeteners (EAT BEARS)

Artificial sweeteners have been introduced into drinks and foods as a way to tackle obesity by reducing sugar intake. However, recent reports have suggested that artificial sweeteners might actually make people feel more hungry, leading them to eat more overall. But is this true? Recent scientific studies have mixed results. In this mock trial at the Norwich Science Festival, we will compare the effect of eating standard versus sugar-free gummy bears on hunger levels.


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Smoke-busting science

Come and join us for interactive displays, games and quizzes to learn about the effects of smoke on your body. Discover novel approaches to reducing risk and learn about the importance of smoke-free environments for children. An exciting collaboration between UEA researchers and smokefree advisers.


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Deaf brain

Meet scientists from the School of Psychology at UEA and find out more about deafness, sign language and the brain. Learn to sign with our fun memory games, and beat your friends in our interactive quizzes!


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National Institute for Health Research

Did you know there’s NHS research happening at your local hospitals and doctor’s surgeries to help find new medical treatments and cures? Come and discover more by playing our fun interactive game and find out how you can get involved in real life!

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) in the Eastern region is launching the world’s first video game to tell the story of how scientists have found treatments for health conditions like diabetes through research. In ‘Rebo’s Research Adventure’, players join Rebo, the NHS Research Robot on a journey back in time, visiting key moments in history when medical discoveries were made to help us care for patients with diabetes.

Rebo’s Research Adventure

The future of health and social care depends on today’s research. As the most integrated clinical research system in the world, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funds and supports research from bench to bedside for the benefit of patients and the economy. We help turn groundbreaking discoveries into practical products, treatments, devices and procedures, involving patients and the public in all our work.

In the Eastern region, our research network team is hosted by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, but our staff are helping research happen at hospitals and GP surgeries across the whole of East Anglia. Visit our stand at the Norwich Science Festival and find out a bit more about us and our research to make patients and the NHS better, now and in the future.

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National Institute for Health Research



Meet Stan the skeleton and get hands-on with torso and skin models.



Developing Experts

Drop in on the Developing Experts stand to learn about different medical terms; arrange organs into the correct place with a 3D human model, and find out about the history of medicine.

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Developing Experts


Your genes are not your destiny! – myDNAhealth

Learn about DNA health tests and developments in nutritional genomics research and technology that will shape our future health, and what you can do to prevent certain chronic health conditions including obesity and type 2 diabetes. Also, live food preparation demonstrations on the stand. Get a free lifestyle assessment test. Discover where your lifestyle choices may be impacting your genetic capacity to cope, contributing to your symptoms.

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Friday 26 October
Venue: The Forum’s Explorium
Cost: Free, drop-in
Age: All ages