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Build A Better World – Engineering & Technology Day

The Explorium

This is an event from the 2019 edition

The Explorium

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Get hands-on with engineering and technology in our Explorium. Explore innovation’s role in offshore wind energy with Vattenfall. Take part in the Greenpower kit car pit stop challenge. See how robots and will be used in future farming. Try out Anglian Water’s virtual reality headsets. Play maths games, build LEGO® bridges and have fun learning with Hethel Innovation, UEA, the Earlham Institute, EDF Energy, Learning Resources, Greenpower Education Trust and others.


Robots! Fun, Film and Future

RobotsA display of static and interactive robots. Can you beat the Microbit powered Connect 4™ playing robot arm? Take a selfie with a life-sized galactic hero – BB-8! See inspirational Raspberry Pi robot projects you can build yourself, and the future of personal transportation…

The stand will display an exciting range of robots, presented to inspire visitors to explore the science and engineering of robotics.

Exhibits include:
• Simple and advanced robots that can be easily and affordably built using Raspberry Pi or Microbit computers at home.
• Autonomous driving robots, for racing and personal transportation.
• Hasbro Connect 4 ™ playing robot arm
• Sci-fi inspiration with a life-sized BB-8 3D printed static model by the BB-8 builders club.

As a professional software engineer, Paul Foster enjoys creating software and hardware solutions for the Internet of Things. With a lifelong passion for robotics, there is always at least one robot project in progress. Several of Paul’s robot projects have been used in school activities and clubs to inspire young people to follow a technical education and career path.

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Anglian Water

Discover how tech is keeping our water flowing – pop on a virtual reality headset to see what their technicians get up to and how new technologies ensure that our water and sewerage works efficiently.

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Get hands-on with Vattenfall and learn about work to harness the power of wind.

Vattenfall is a leading European energy company. For more than 100 years we have electrified industries, supplied energy to people’s homes and modernised our way of living. Our Offshore Wind Farm Projects, Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas are part of our drive to make fossil-free living possible within one generation.


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Newton A-level CREST Project

Discover what this group of A level students have developed using microprocessors! The Newton A level Programme at INTO UEA is a unique programme that provides the only opportunity to study A levels on a UK university campus.

Inspired by sunflowers following the Sun, students from the INTO Newton A-level Programme at UEA have designed and built a robot capable of tracking a light source.

The project could be used to make solar panels rotate and follow the sun, which would lead to greater efficiency in solar power generation. Come and see robot Pointy 1.0 in action and meet the students who designed and built it!

Six AS-level students were involved in this ambitious CrEST project, which involved CAD design, 3D printing, electronics design, microcontroller programming, and economics. Annisa and Aziz designed and 3D printed all mechanical parts, Lucas designed the electronics and soldered all the components, Matthew developed the code and programmed the microcontroller, Tamara and Andrew looked into the economic aspect of the project and explored the commercial potential of the final product.

“The project was an example of exceptional team work,” said Newton Programme Physics Module Leader, Witold Rozak. “Students went way beyond the A-level syllabus and were awarded a well-deserved Gold CrEST award.”

The Newton A-level Programme provides a unique opportunity to study A-levels on a university campus. In 2019, 97% of A-level results from the Newton Programme were A* to C, and students progressed to universities including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Imperial College London.

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Play Games, Learn Maths

abacusIn this drop-in workshop, you will be introduced to seemingly simple maths problems that turn out to be much deeper than they first appear. Some problems will be solved… but others will be left intriguingly open.

The Bridges of Konigsberg: Build a Lego model of ‘The Bridges of Konigsberg’ and try to solve the problem of crossing every bridge exactly once. This is Euler’s historic problem and the birth of graph theory.

The 3n+1 conjecture: Learn how to compute a simple sequence of numbers. Then the mystery deepens until we discover that “mathematics may not be ready for such problems”.

Fraction triominoes: Improve your skill with fractions by completing a triominoes puzzle.

Pascal’s triangle: Build Pascal’s triangle and uncover the hidden patterns in it.

Plus even more ludic and elucidating activities.

Dr Gordon Collins is a Learning Enhancement Tutor for Mathematics and Statistics at the University of East Anglia. He and his team from UEA’s Student Support Service will lead this drop-in workshop that demonstrates how we can use maths to solve problems in surprising ways!


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Digital Fingertips in a Virtual World – NUA

Gestural Interaction is an exciting new technology that literally enables fingertip control of digital experiences. We’re used to using gestures like swipe and tap to view 2D content on our phones, but how does gestural interaction work in 3D space? NUA invites visitors of all ages to investigate this emerging technology by using a Leap Motion controller to interact with an exciting virtual world.

Jamie Gledhill is an academic at NUA teaching User Experience Design. He is a digital practitioner particularly interested in the transformative potential of creative technology and how this can be applied across games development, interaction and user experience design.

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Science Scribbles

Science Scribbles merchandisePick up some fantastically fun science merch at Norwich Science Festival!

Science Scribbles is an online store that sells science-themed merchandise such as fun and colourful stickers, postcards and bookmarks.

The store was created by Lauren Callender, a PhD student on a mission to encourage and inspire younger generations to pursue a career in science.

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Bringing Learning to Life – ICT Solutions

Visit our digital showcase to get hands on experience with the latest edtech, focusing on how immersive technology can engage children with learning activities. We will have fun, interactive activities for children (and parents) including Virtual Reality (VR), Minecraft, Sphero Bolts and other programmable robots.

ICT Solutions part of Norfolk County Council are transforming how technology is used within education establishments across East Anglia to increase student engagement. ICT is no longer just a laptop, phone – but a mechanism that can enhance Childrens learning and engagement.  The use of technology has the power to transform the delivery of educational content, immersing children into the worlds they are learning about.

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Hethel Innovation

Come and learn about Hethel Innovation, a company that works to support businesses involved with all kinds of Science and Technology. Chat to us about STEM careers and the interesting projects we get involved and try out one of our fun activities!

We’ll be on hand to chat to anyone about what our company does and the interesting technology and science we see every day. We’ll even have a few simple activities for younger children to have a go at like making a windmill, rocket or catapult.

Hethel Innovation run two incubator sites within Norfolk, including Hethel Engineering Centre and Scottow Enterprise Park.

With over 150 businesses between them, the Hethel team engages with exciting businesses working at the boundaries of technology every day. The company also provides free business support to any business in the East of England as part of their current project, Breakthrough.

Hethel Innovation Logo

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Centre for Computing History

Pi PowerCome and meet the Centre for Computing History’s computer science team and their robot friends. Do some physical computing and write code that controls disco lights, program a 1980s BBC Microcomputer, or just experience some retro gaming! Find out what we offer schools when they visit the museum.

The Centre for Computing History is much more than a museum. Based in Cambridge, it hosts hands-on exhibitions, educational workshops, and a wide range of activities and events. Most importantly, it makes the history of computing relevant and fun for all ages!

Centre for Computing History

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Beyond the Spectacle: Mapping Native American Visitors to Norwich using Tech

Discover how we’ve used GIS technology to make multimedia maps exploring the long history of Indigenous Americans in Norwich and Norfolk.

Beyond the Spectacle
Cherokee Warriors of AniKituhwa. Photo: Professional Images

The history of Native North American travellers to Britain has been uncovered and explored by the AHRC project Beyond the Spectacle: Native North American Presence in Britain. Most British people only know about the most famous Native visitors, but they came here as prisoners and performers, missionaries and artists, athletes and diplomats, and their journeys continue today. The research team has used GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology to make multimedia maps, showing where Native travellers visited and what they did. The innovative maps use technology to present these journeys, and include stories and photographs unearthed from newspapers and archives as well as conversations and artworks by Native people alive today. Use the free app to explore the Indigenous American history right under your feet in Norwich and Norfolk!

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Plus activities from EDF Energy, Norwich Accountancy Services, Norfolk County Council, and Learning Resources.

Please note the Robots & AI in Agriculture stand from Earlham Institute is no longer able to attend.

Friday 25 October
Venue: The Forum’s Explorium
Cost: Free, drop-in
Age: All ages