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A Brief Safari into the Wild Mind of Chris Packham

This is an event from the 2018 edition


Through a series of humorous wildlife photos, Chris will illustrate how Asperger’s has influenced his life. He will explain the fundamentals of ecology, and explore how our interconnectivity with nature will be crucial to protecting the planet’s immediate future.

Chris will discuss the importance of conservation, self-empowerment and activism – and how we will have to make that difference.

Expect absurd self-deprecation, some frank talking, and if you are lucky … Scratchy the poodle!

Please note that this show is aimed at ages 14+. Younger children may attend but the content may be unsuitable. Please note that tickets are non-refundable.

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About Chris Packham:

Chris was born in Southampton in 1961 and as soon as he was crawling around suburbia ladybirds were being desiccated in matchboxes and tadpoles tortured in jam jars. Husbandry skills improved and the menagerie expanded to large collections of reptiles (inside) and birds of prey, foxes, badgers and squirrels (generally outside). A precocious young scientist, swot and nerd-in-training he studied kestrels, shrews and badgers in his teens and undergraduate days at the Zoology department of Southampton University. He also embraced punk rock and played in a band and the DIY ethos and determination to never take ‘no’ for an answer are forcefully retained.

Post-graduation, he began taking still photographs and trained as a wildlife film cameraman. The photography continues with exhibitions and invitations to judge prestigious competitions but the camerawork gave way to presenting. Chris began with the award-winning Really Wild Show in 1986 and has been working ever since. Credits include Wildshots, Wildwatch, Go Wild – basically lots of things with ‘wild’ in the title. He has presented X-Creatures, Postcards from the Wild, Hands on Nature, Nature’s Calendar, Nature of Britain and most recently BBC 2’s Springwatch, Autumnwatch, and Winterwatch, Nature’s Weirdest Events and World’s Weirdest Events.

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Programmed in partnership with the Norfolk Festival of Nature, a partnership that uniquely brings together many organisations that work across Norfolk for the benefit of wildlife and nature, including: Norfolk Wildlife Trust, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the British Trust for Ornithology, Norfolk Museums’ Service, the University of East Anglia, Wild Days Conservation, the Broads Authority, The National Centre for Writing, and many others. Through the Norfolk Festival for Nature we seek to empower our audiences to explore the impact of nature, its cultural importance and central place in their lives.

Norfolk Festival of Nature

Sunday 21 October
Venue: OPEN Norwich
Cost: Front section £20, middle section £15, back section £6 (limited tickets)
Ages: 14+

All attendees need a ticket. Under 12s must be accompanied.