Valentines Day Science Fun!

Norwich Science Festival, 2023

Check out which events you can still book and add some science to your day of love!

We ❤️love❤️ science here at The Forum - and we love love! Come and celebrate Valentine's Day with us - put on your dancing shoes, mop up those tears, or explore the flip side of love: obsession. Find out about all of our inspiring talks and interactive experiences today both at The Forum itself and in other city locations.

Heartbreak: Necessary process or by-product of love?

Heartbreak is a near-universal experience, but what is it? Why does it happen, and what can we do to get through it? This Valentine’s Day, neuroscientist Prof Barbara Sahakian joins comedian and author of The Breakup Monologues Rosie Wilby to discuss these questions and more.

Plus book signing.

7-8 PM, Cost: £10 + booking fee

Age Recommendation: 16+

Boogie on the Brain: The Psychology of Dancing

Dr Peter Lovatt (aka Dr Dance) explores why we love to boogie in this unique evening – he’ll take you through key ideas in cognitive psychology and along the way teach you some fun, simple dance routines! Peter is a former professional dancer and one of the world's leading Dance Psychologists; he's spent decades studying the science of human behaviour and dancing.

Come along this Valentine's evening on your own or as a couple, have a drink, and enjoy this alternative night out! Plus book signing

8-10:30 PM, Cost £15

Age Recommendation: 16+

Using Stem Cells to Repair the Heart

Did you know that stem cells can be manipulated by gene editing technology to correct disease mutations and repurposed as new heart tissue? In this talk, James Smith will talk about the future of regenerative medicine treatment.

5-6 PM, Free, Booking Required

Age Recommendation: 15+

Criminal Minds

Love a true crime drama? Hooked on murder podcasts? Keen on a horror film?

Ex Scotland Yard detective Steve Gaskin brings his sold-out show to The Forum and offers a fascinating insight into real life cases of serial killers – and give you the opportunity to discover if you could be a killer too! 

7-8 PM, Cost £9

Age Recommendation: 16+

Mind the Gap: Speech, Language and Communication Needs

Connect with a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) to consider the importance of communication. Explore the role of an SLT and find out more about the work we do with a wide range of children and adults to improve lives. This session will be interactive, and you will discover ways to support communication to help you to connect with those around you.

5-6 PM, Free - Booking Required

Family Event

Planetarium: Explorer Dome Science Shows

Step inside the planetarium to see the fabulous show on the wonders of space! Join us for an awe-inspiring tour of our planet, moon, sun, solar system and beyond. Find out how they move across the sky and see the wonders of the moon. Discover the night sky tonight and marvel at the myths from ancient Greece written into the stars.

5-6 PM, Cost: £5

Age Recommendation : 14+