AI Meets Reality at Norwich Science Festival

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2024, Norwich Science Festival

From education, to art, to romance, our series of AI events explores the pressing questions

Get ready for a ride into the future as Norwich Science Festival examines Artificial Intelligence. From witty conversations with ChatGPT to the profound impact of tech on our workplaces, romantic lives, and beyond, this year's Festival features a captivating exploration into the boundless possibilities of AI. 


CTRL-ALT-DELIGHT: A Night of AI Intimacy 

Have you ever considered swiping right on a chatbot or envisioned a romantic rendezvous with a robot? How does AI influence our emotional landscapes? Could it reshape our intimate experiences? Dive into the fascinating world of human-machine relationships with computer scientist Dr Kate Devlin.

Liar, Liar, ChatGPT on Fire 

Curious if ChatGPT ever fibs? Postgraduate Researcher Niklas Henderson unravels the mysteries behind ChatGPT's workings. Delve into the consequences of its training methods and discover why users should exercise caution in trusting some of the information it provides. It's a behind-the-scenes peek that will make you ponder the reliability of your digital conversations.

AI and the Future of Education 

Join a panel of leading education experts to discuss how AI might reshape lessons, lectures, and exams. From plagiarism to the use of ChatGPT, explore how technology enhances the learning experience. This event is a must for educators, parents, and students alike.

Artificial Intelligence and Me 

Explore the future of work with a panel of experts. Gain practical insight into the role of AI in our culture today, its trajectory into the future, and valuable guidance on choosing a career. Whether you're a parent advising your child or a young person making career decisions, this practical talk is not to be missed.