Indulge in your darker side at Norwich Science Festival

Norwich Science Festival, 2023

Always getting told off for your morbid streak?

Love a true crime drama? Hooked on murder podcasts? Keen on a horror film? Spend a little bit too much time scrolling on reddit threads? Think of yourself as real-life Wednesday Addams?  

We’ve got the shows for you! Get your gore fix and learn at the same time, with these events from Norwich Science Festival.  

Comedian Iszi Lawrence takes us on a tour of the grotesque, the disgusting and the downright weird in show dedicated to the most revolting scientists in history – perfect for those Horrible History Fans! 

Ex Scotland Yard detective brings his sold-out show to The Forum and East Norfolk Sixth Form and offers a fascinating insight into real life cases of serial killers – and give you the opportunity to discover if you could be a killer too! 

Would that supervillain’s dastardly plot to take over the world really work? Is it more effective to use bacteria, bombs, or poison to take over the world? Could 007’s gadgets exist in real life? 

What happens when humans become prey? We might have conquered the animal kingdom, but we still have a visceral fear of the creatures that can kill and eat us. Biologist Adam Hart takes a look at our relationship with these animals, and how we can help conserve nature.  

Forensic psychiatrist Dr Gwen Adshead has worked with some of Britain’s most notorious killers, in high security prisons across the country. Now, she’s written a book which explores her experience, and explains why she believes in rehabilitation over revenge.  

For those who aren’t squeamish, and are interested in exactly how bodies work, our educational Animal Dissection will reveal the inner workings of an animal. Biologist Professor Ben Garrod and zoologist Dr Jess French will lead this live scientific dissection. Please note this animal died of old age and was donated for the purpose of education.  

Header photo: Ramón Salinero on Unsplash