This event happened in the past (2018 edition)

The Ocean on Top of the World

With Helen Czerski

This is an event from the 2018 edition

In the summer of 2018, Helen spent two months on an icebreaker close to the North Pole, one of forty researchers on a huge expedition to study Arctic weather. In this talk, she’ll discuss what she found, why it matters, and the future of the Arctic region. Helen is a physicist and oceanographer, and is a popular face on BBC2 and BBC4, presenting science documentaries on a wide range of topics. There will be stories of ice and bears and ships, and the science that made it all worthwhile…

Helen is a physicist and oceanographer based at University College London. She has considerable enthusiasm for the physics of the everyday world, and will jump on any excuse to share that enthusiasm. She’s also a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and her first book, Storm in a Teacup was published in 2016.

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Image: credit Alex Brenner

Friday 19 October
Venue: The Forum, Auditorium
Cost: £7
Age: 12+

Tickets go off-sale 12 hours prior to the event. Tickets may be available at The Forum’s ticket office on the day. All attendees need a ticket.