Learning Event Journey into Space in the Explorium KS2

Mysterious Moons / Science of Flight / Rocket - Moonshot

Take a trip into space in our special KS2 day – explore the science of flight, make and launch a rocket, and discover if there could be life on the Solar System’s moons! Each school takes part in all three workshops.

Please note Raptor Aerospace are no longer able to attend. Their session has been replaced by DIY Astronomy.


Mysterious Moons

Mysterious Moons

We’ve been searching the planets for signs of life but maybe we’ve been looking in the wrong place – perhaps we should be searching the moons in our Solar System? Journey through the Solar System on a hunt for life beyond Earth, with Royal Observatory Greenwich. Through this interactive and action-packed show full of multi-sensory demonstrations, learn what life needs to survive and discover why it might be better to search for life on moons rather than planets! This is an interactive 45–50 minute science theatre show with questioning, demos and audience participation.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is regarded as the home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian of the world. It was traditionally a working observatory but is now a museum with a science learning team dedicated to sharing space and astronomy with visitors of all ages. It currently boasts London’s only planetarium and the schools programme sees over 40,000 learners a year.

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Science of Flight

Rap Science with Jon Chase

How does gravity work? How do humans defy gravity? Can we fly in space? Why can flight be a drag? Discover the science behind why things fly, with Jon Chase of Rap Science. Explore the basics of flight using practical activities to investigate the main forces involved, through rhymes and demos. Jon unfolds the basics of aerodynamics, using practical activities to investigate thrust, drag, lift and gravity.

Rap science is a fun and engaging way to interact with scientific knowledge and learn about the world around us. It aims to provide an alternative way to engage with scientific topics and learning.

Run by qualified science communicator and professional science rapper Jon Chase, Rap Science blends together two of his passions, science and music. Using his unique approach to communicating science, Jon engages audiences with entertaining examples of how STEM impacts their lives.

Rap Science

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DIY Astronomy: Star Chart

Star Chart Poster

Explore the universe yourself in this workshop from Neil Monteiro that tells you everything you needed to know about the night sky – and helps you build the tools to study it! Learn about comets, stars, galaxies and the big bang, then build your own astronomical instruments to take home!

Neil Monteiro is a science presenter based in the UK and works all over the world on science-based videos and stage shows. He originally qualified with a degree in Physics from Imperial College London and still helps with engagement there as an Honorary Outreach Lecturer. Alongside presenting, he also teaches science communication for researchers and offer training in scientific thinking and decision making in the corporate world.

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Tuesday 15 October

Venue: The Forum
Cost: £4 per student. Max 90 students.

Please contact if you are unable to book the full number of places you require.

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