This event happened in the past (2019 edition)

Food & Health Day – Gallery Stage

This is an event from the 2019 edition

Head to the Gallery to hear free, drop-in talks on a wealth of food and health related topics: on taste and flavour, how plants can become medicines, and the problems with bingeing on sugary foods! First come, first served.


Nature’s Factories: Making Modern Medicines in Plants
Age: 5+

LeafLeaf Expression Systems specialises in using plants to produce modern day medicines, such as vaccines. Join Beccy and Polly who will guide you through the wonders of nature’s greenery, exploring the intricate structure of leaves, vein patterns and their important functions, and learn how we can use them as micro ‘factories’ to produce today’s modern medicines. During in this session will demonstrate leaf structure and explore their patterns through leaf rubbings and interactive demonstrations. We will explain how we can use plants to produce medicines through a series of illustrations and displays.

Leaf Expression Systems Norwich Research Park

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From Farm to Fork: How Big Data Puts Food on your Table
Age: 12+

What does our food system look like in a digital age? Big data can inform many processes, from food production to food safety, ensuring that we will have enough healthy, sustainable food to eat in the years to come.

The AgriFood supply chain is under significant pressures related to food security, climate change, and consumer demands for affordable and higher quality food. Various technologies have already been deployed producing a large amount of data, which can be used to guide decision-making to improve productivity, reduce wastage, and increase traceability across the AgriFood supply chain.

There are many examples of the use of data from farm to fork, including improving efficiency in livestock production, supporting automation and use of robotics in crop production, increasing food safety and evidencing its provenance.

In this talk, Liliya Serazetdinova from the Earlham Institute will explore the challenges in digitalisation of the AgriFood supply chain, as well as approaches that could help to unlock the benefits of using big data.

Liliya Serazetdinova is the Head of Business Development and Impact at the Earlham Institute on the Norwich Research Park. Liliya has a PhD in Plant Genetics and Biology from the University of Hamburg, Germany, and over 14 years scientific expertise in plant breeding, phytopathology, and biochemistry. She has over 10 years of experience in knowledge transfer and commercialisation with a strong track record in establishing academia-business collaborations and helping consortia to win funding for innovation and R&D. Liliya is leading the Earlham Institute Business Development and Impact Team, delivering the EI’s Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation Strategy, and supporting the EI Faculty with developing links with other academic organisations, private companies and wider stakeholders, and realising the impact of EI research. Liliya’s expertise includes plant sciences, biotechnology, agricultural technologies, biorenewables, and bio-based materials. Liliya is passionate about translating technological innovation into economic, social and environmental impacts.

Earlham Institute
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Food Glorious Food: A Sensory Story
Age: 10+

We all know the food we like, but do we know why? Join Dr Duncan Gaskin in an interactive sensory exploration of the realms of taste and flavour, and how they combine with our other senses and our mind to produce the full food experience.

Dr Duncan Gaskin, formerly at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, has over 20 years of research experience covering a wide range of subjects in biotechnology, molecular microbiology and food safety. He has been engaging with the public to communicate his research and other science areas for over 15 years including the science of taste and flavour. This has led to a fascination of our sensory relationship with, and perception of, food.



Leukaemia: Liquid Cancer
Age: 10+

Blood cancer (leukaemia) is one of the fastest growing cancers known to man. It requires huge amounts of energy, which it takes from non-cancerous cells that support tumours. In this talk, UEA’s Dr Stuart Rushworth will show why and how this can happen, finishing with solutions for how to stop it and slow blood cancer growth.

Dr Stuart Rushworth is a Senior Lecturer in Cell Biology at Norwich Medical School.


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Food and Mood
Age: 12+

WatermelonHave you ever binged on sugary foods after a bad day? You’re not alone – eating in response to stress is well-recognised. In this talk, Dr Alison Rooney from Health Service Executive Ireland and UEA’s Prof Maria O’Connell will examine the biological causes of stress eating, the evidence for the link between food and mood and alternative ways to feel better.

Prof Maria O’Connell is Professor of Cell Biology in the School of Pharmacy at the University of East Anglia. Alison Rooney is a clinical psychologist and works for Health Service Executive Ireland.


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Saturday 19 October
Venue: The Forum’s Gallery
Cost: Free, drop-in