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Your Inner Chimp

3pm - 5pm: Online

Nature & environment Online Free

Prof Ben Garrod and Dr Jess French explore what it really means to be human, with the help of the anatomy of a chimp

Why do we walk on two legs not four? How has the thumb shaped humanity? Why does your back ache so much?

In this exclusive live event, UEA Evolutionary Biologist Professor Ben Garrod and veterinarian and author Dr Jess French are able to answer these questions and more as they look at the anatomy of a chimpanzee to understand how minor tweaks and changes have led us to where we are. With access to skeletal material and the body of a zoo chimp, Ben and Jess explore what it really means to be human.

Please note that the animal died of natural causes and has been donated for the purposes of scientific education.

Parental Advisory. Recommended ages 12+         

Watch live on YouTube

Set up a YouTube account and log in during the event to join the live chat where you can ask questions and share your thoughts!  

Photo by Vlad Kutepov on Unsplash