The Mirror Trap

Man taking a selfie in the mirror

7.30pm - 8.15pm: Online

Online Free Digitech Medicine, mind & health Space, astronomy & physics

Take part in a unique meditative experience about psychology and quantum physics

Paul Gato has been through a lot. He has been signed off from the university again. His colleagues say he has not been himself.  He has been sending them e-mails filled with ramblings and Feynman diagrams.  He said, “There is nothing more dangerous than being trapped between mirrors”. Paul might be losing his mind, but he might still be right.  Dare you take part in his final experiment?

An online immersive experience for headphones and a mirror.

The Mirror Trap is a short headphone play/experience/installation/horror story about psychology and quantum physics.

Previous audience members have described it as “weird”, “trippy”, “deeply unsettling” and “terribly sad”. After the show, its creator, Simon Watt, will be joined by special guests, psychologist Dr Louise Ewing and physicist Dr Magnus Borgh (UEA) to discuss what you have experienced.

“The experience is hypnotic, eerie and introspective. Ideas at the intersection between physics and psychology are described in a beautifully written monologue.” Cern Courier.

“A well-thought-out merging of drama and science engagement, The Mirror Trap is an intense and intriguing experience for physicists and non-physicists alike.”- Cern Courier.

Cost: Free, booking required

All ticket holders will be contacted prior to the event with details of how to access the Zoom link and instructions on how to take part. To get the most out of this event it is recommended that you have a whiteboard marker, headphones and a mirror, large enough to see your whole face. Only one ticket is required per household.

Content Warning: The show features loss, car accidents, suicide and uses psychological illusions that could prompt disturbing visions.

Organiser details: Simon Watt