The Brilliant Abyss

Helen Scales wearing blue long dress with floral pattern.

1pm - 2pm: The Refectory, Norwich School

Biology Talk
  • Wheelchair access
  • Toilets

The Close, Norwich, NR1 4DD

The majesty and mystery of the deep sea

Sea is the single biggest habitable space on the planet. It’s home to fantastic lifeforms — from furry, dancing crabs to glowing worms swimming elegant pirouettes  — that have all evolved unique ways to survive in extreme conditions of super-high pressure and permanent darkness. A golden age of deep-sea science is underway but humanity is also posing more threats than ever before on this critical unseen place.   

Dr Helen Scales  

Dr Helen Scales is a marine biologist, broadcaster and bestselling author. Her books include the Spirals in Time, the children’s book The Great Barrier Reef, and her exploration of the deep sea, The Brilliant Abyss. Helen’s ocean stories also appear regularly in National Geographic Magazine, The Guardian and New Scientist.

Recommended age: all ages

Cost: £6