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A Science Rapper's Guide to the Solar System! with Jon Chase

3.15pm - 4.15pm: Online

Space, astronomy & physics Online Free Family Friendly Afternoon

A tour of the solar system with a difference!

Join science presenter Jon Chase as he explains just how extreme our Solar system can be, through the use of science-based raps that you can join in with at home! He’ll be answering questions like: How big is the solar system? How puny is Pluto? What's the coldest place? Where are the most volcanoes? Why does Uranus smell like farts?

Recommended ages 7+

Watch live on YouTube and again for 7 days after the event

Set up a YouTube account and log in during the event to join the live chat where you can ask questions and share your thoughts!  

Please note that as this is an 'At Home' programme, some contributors may be have filmed content on home devices, and as such the events will not be broadcast standard quality. If there are technical issues - please bear this in mind! Thank you.       

Jon Chase

Jon blends together two of his passions, science and music. Using his unique approach to communicating science, Jon engages audiences with entertaining examples of how STEM impacts their lives.     

Organiser details: Jon Chase