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Maths Tricks to Blow Your Mind

Kyle Evans holding his guitar in front of a white wall covered with mathematical equations.

3pm - 4pm: Blake Studio, Norwich School

Family Event Mathematics

The Close, Norwich, NR1 4DD

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A frantic hour of mind-bending maths, interactive demos and wicked humour.

Kyle Evans spent lockdown studying viral maths puzzles, life-hacks and tricks, and has distilled his findings into an hour of head-scratching yet engaging and inclusive maths-based entertainment. Expect jokes, songs and mind-blowing maths galore. With book signing.        

Kyle Evans

Kyle is an award-winning comedian* and maths communicator** - combining comedy, song and extreme pedantry to lethal effect (not literally.)  You'll find him performing family and grown-up shows at festivals, comedy clubs, schools, pubs, pie shops... anywhere that wants a venn diagram intersection of maths and entertainment.  He has appeared several times on Radio 4's cult numbers show 'More or Less' and had a song about the Riemann Hypothesis turned into a local radio jingle - surely a world first.

Recommended age: 11+
Cost: £5