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Deception Island Talk

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Black and White image of Antarctic glaciers

7.30pm - 8.30pm: The Church of St Peter Mancroft

Talk Nature & Environment Climate Change & Sustainability
  • Wheelchair access
  • Hearing loop

Hay Hill, Norwich, NR2 1QQ

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Meet the team behind Deception Island and get the inside scoop on their Antarctic exploration

Join poet Elizabeth Lewis Williams, Professor of Creative Writing at UEA Jean McNeil, composer Jenni Pinnock, and producer Sam Ruddock for a discussion and Q&A about all things Antarctica and how we brought Deception Island to life.

With the Gaia Earth installation hanging above us in the nave of St Peter Mancroft, we will look up at the Antarctic and gain a fresh perspective on the continent. We'll explore the Antarctic of the imagination and how it compares to reality. We'll take you inside the sensory experience of visiting the Antarctic, and share some of the stories we encountered while making Deception Island (including the Norwich Science Festival regular whose band tape was the most popular album one winter!)

And we'll invite you to join us to explore some of the big questions facing the Antarctic: international cooperation and the impact of global heating on the Antarctic continent and everyone across the planet. If it is impossible to travel to Antarctica without also contributing to its destruction, how do we weigh up the ethics of the adventurous spirit, and the drive for scientific understanding? How do we continue to 'step inside' a place, people, culture, or landscape if we come to feel we shouldn't travel there ourselves? 

Cost: Free, booking required

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