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Climate Change: Time for Action

7pm - 8pm: Online

Online Norwich Research Park Free Evening

Join UEA researchers to hear about the implications and impacts of different forms of climate action

It is clear that global action is necessary in response to the very real threats posed by the climate crisis. Researchers from across the University of East Anglia are looking at the forms this action might take – from individual behaviour change to wide-reaching policy. 

Join us for this online event to hear from UEA researchers from a range of disciplines as they discuss the implications and impacts of different forms of climate action – from loft insulation to emissions targets. 

Recommended ages 12+

Watch live on YouTube

Set up a YouTube account and log in during the event to join the live chat where you can ask questions and share your thoughts!  

Please note that as this is an 'At Home' programme, some contributors may be joining us remotely, and as such the events will not be broadcast standard quality. If there are technical connection issues - please bear with us! Thank you.    


Jordan Harold (UEA School of Psychology), whose research focuses on how individuals interpret climate change, and how evidence can be communicated to support societal decision-making.

Irene Lorenzoni (UEA School of Environmental Sciences and Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research), whose research is on the relationships between individual perceptions and understandings of environmental issues and behaviours.

Samantha Earle (UEA School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies), whose research on imaginaries and social change led to publication of a recent article on the ‘flawed logic of Reducitarianism’.

Adrian Martin (UEA School of International Development), whose research on environmental justice looks at the potential for understanding normative values to support higher quality environmental decision-making.


Clive Lewis (Member of Parliament for Norwich South) sits on the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Green New Deal and was involved in publication of the 'Time to Reset' report, which showed that the public are united behind a desire for a fairer, greener Britain after COVID and the belief that the government should take bold action to make that happen.

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