One of the main aims of the Norwich Science Festival is to inspire young people and encourage them to get involved in science.

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The 2017 Learning Programme’s theme was ‘Exploration’. We offered learners the chance to explore our fascinating planet, blast off into the vast universe above us, dive into the deepest oceans, and examine the complex DNA which makes up every living organism.

There were lots of opportunities for children, young people and educational organisations to explore science with interactive exhibitions, Science Slams and the Youth STEMM Award Passport.

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‘Explore Science’ Experience Days – for secondary schools

A whole day was dedicated to secondary schools, encouraging students to get interactive with science.

Earth Adventure

Earth Adventure with Huw James – showed how our planet is very special, and took students on a tour of some of the most amazing locations on our planet, with HD footage from the field and interactive demonstrations.

Science Slams – students got face-to-face with a variety of scientists and organisations, and explored their important work in 15-minute Science Slam sessions.

Youth STEMM Award takeover stage with Dr Ken Farquhar – School STEM clubs took over the stage to present their own explorations in science, plus Dr Ken presented a few quirky experiments of his own.

Celebrating 50 years of JIC – students met ‘good’ microbes that help our food grow and fight back against ‘bad’ microbes; discovered how science lets us ‘look’ at atoms to solve puzzles, and found out what’s really in the food you eat.

The 2017 Learning Programme was sponsored by Norse Group.

If you would like to get in touch regarding the 2018 learning programme, please contact Sarah Power, Learning and Events Manager and Lizzie Figura- Drane, Learning Events Coordinator, at learning@theforumnorwich.co.uk.