This event happened in the past (2019 edition)

Zoology Day – Gallery Stage

This is an event from the 2019 edition

Pop into the Gallery for a whole host of interesting animal-related talks, from the striking stone curlew to the humble spider. First come, first served.


Phytoplankton: The First Architects of Nature and Earth’s Oxygenators!
Age: 7+

Have you ever wondered what a drop of ocean water looks like under the microscope? Did you know that half of this oxygen we breathe comes from organisms in the ocean? Plankton are fascinating, free-floating organisms that play an important role in our everyday life. Join UEA’s Dr Krisztina Sárközi and Dr Isabel Seguro to learn more about why you should thank the ocean for all that it does!

Dr Krisztina Sárközi and Dr Isabel Seguro are Senior Research Associates in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia.


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CSI Hares and Rabbits: What’s Happened to Them?
Age: 15+

Since last October, over 750 members of the public have reported dead and dying hares to UEA’s Prof Diana Bell, who leads a team investigating the causes of this unprecedented mortality.

Research has already confirmed that a virus responsible for decimating rabbit populations – known as RHDV2 – has jumped to hares, but Prof Bell’s team is also investigating other factors responsible for the decline. Come and hear the latest developments in this research.

Prof Diana Bell is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of East Anglia.


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Shifting Sands: Stone Curlew and Arable Landscapes
Age: 7+

stone curlewTim Cowan (RSPB) is an expert on the iconic Brecks bird – the stone curlew. In this talk, Tim will explore the arable nature of the Brecks, the species that rely on it, and the land management techniques that they rely on for survival.

Shifting Sands is a partnership of 12 conservation organisations, led by Natural England.



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Spiders Aren’t Scary
Age: 7+

Spiders get a bad press. They’re often portrayed as terrifying monsters, just waiting to pounce to bite you or invade your home. In fact, spiders in the UK rarely bite, have some fascinating habits, and some are stunningly beautiful. Let me convince you that spiders aren’t scary!

Michelle grew up on the east coast of Norfolk. She spent eight years in London studying for a BSc in Bioveterinary Sciences and a PhD in spider biomechanics, and now lives in Norwich working for the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.



Monday 21 October
Venue: The Forum’s Gallery
Cost: Free, drop-in