This event happened in the past (2018 edition)

What is the Earlham Institute?

Decoding Living Systems

This is an event from the 2018 edition

What connects a cork, a magnifying glass, rainbow drops, toy cars, apples and broccoli? Come and find out!

At the Earlham Institute, we task ourselves with ‘decoding living systems’. How does an open, multidisciplinary approach combining genome sequencing, supercomputing, synthetic biology and bioinformatics help us to tell the most fascinating story of all?

By understanding life on earth, how it came to be, and how it has been shaped over hundreds of millions of years of evolution, means that we could rebuild it from its very basic building blocks. This is where institutes such as the Earlham Institute come in.

Peter BickertonBy staying at the very cusp of advances in the life sciences, armed with a cutting-edge toolkit of next-generation genome sequencing platforms and high performance computational resources, along with talented programmers, bioinformaticians and other scientists with very diverse skills, we are in a great position to harness the advances of the present to discover the stories of the past in order to have a positive impact for the future. Talk by Peter Bickerton, Earlham Institute.

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Saturday 27 October
Venue: The Forum, Auditorium
Cost: Free, booking required
Age: 7+

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult; accompanying adults require a ticket.

Tickets go off-sale 12 hours prior to the event. Tickets may be available at The Forum’s ticket office on the day.