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Tue 15 Oct 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Tue 15 Oct 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Wed 16 Oct 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Wed 16 Oct 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Join Anglian Water for two fun, interactive challenge workshops. Take the Engineering Challenge – can you design and construct a water tower, following the processes and procedures used by engineers, and come in on budget? Each minute of design time will cost you £1 million.

Play the River of Life interactive game and develop your understanding of humankind’s impact on the environment. You’ll look at tourism, housing development, agriculture, industrial development   and transport, and see the impact of your decisions on the river.

Take the Engineering Challenge – Anglian Water’s IDEAS (infrastructure, Development, Engineering, Asset and Solutions) Challenge – and develop your employability skills: team work, problem solving, communication and negotiation. Design and construct a new water tower following the processes and procedures used by our engineers.

The students will need to:

  • Obtain planning permission
  • Resolve ecology issues
  • Deal with arboriculture (tree management)
  • Have a electricity supply

Can you come in on budget? Each minute of design time will cost you £1million.

The River of Life is an interactive game in which students develop their understanding of humankind’s impact on the environment. The students are given an area of responsibility: tourism, housing development, agriculture, industrial development and transport. Their task is to develop these areas, while observing the impact of their decisions on the river.

Anglian Water’s catchment covers a huge geographic area of the UK, from the Humber River down as far as the Thames Estuary. The game acts as an introduction to the overall effect that humankind has had on the landscape, especially on rivers and their surrounds. The present day landscape is a legacy of a whole range of events and activities that happened through the course of history.

The game shows the way the area has changed through time through the impact of humankind. It is designed to be a fun and interactive way to find out how some of those changes have taken place and the part water use and management has played in shaping both the physical and the human landscape.

When the students first see the game mat it is populated by wildlife and early settlement. The game then begins with the river being polluted by the industrialization of the Victorian era and ends as we see it today. It links with key areas within the National Curriculum including: geography, science, history and citizenship. It is highly interactive and introduces problem solving and critical thinking. At the end of the game there is opportunity for debate and discussion around the issues that have been raised.

About Anglian Water

Anglian Water’s business is founded on water and the water cycle – it’s the most basic and vital of our natural resources. This is why they are passionate about supporting health and wellbeing, encouraging growth and prosperity in the region and helping to future-proof it against the challenges of climate change and a growing population.

They borrow water from the environment, store and treat it to world-class standards so it’s safe to drink and then supply it to 4.3 million people in towns and villages from Grimsby in the north east of the region to Milton Keynes in the south-west and Norwich in the East.

About a billion litres of used water is flushed and poured into our sewers each day. It’s then delivered via 76,355 kilometres of pipes to over 1,000 water recycling works, where with the help of a few billion friendly bacteria and micro-organisms, Anglian Water clean it up before passing it back to nature. The region’s rivers are cleaner than they’ve been for decades. Anglian Water also treat and make safe the organic solids – sludge – which farmers use as a soil conditioner. They also play a leading and vital role in protecting the region’s biodiversity, protecting not only the health of people, but the environment where we all live and work.

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Tuesday 15 or Wednesday 16 October
9.30am–12.30pm or 1pm–4pm
Venue: University Technical College Norfolk
Cost: Free, booking required. Max 60 students.

Please contact learning@theforumnorwich.co.uk if you are unable to book the full number of places you require.

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