Learning Event To The Moon

Event dates

Tue 15 Oct -
Wed 16 Oct -

Take a trip to space with this hour-long show from Neil Monteiro that explains everything you need to know to be an astronaut! Looking back at how the Apollo 11 Moon landing was achieved, we’ll see demonstrations of how current rocket technology works, how missions are planned and what lies ahead with new space travel ideas and missions – and prepare for a future job as an astronaut with some of the challenges that astronauts train for.

Neil Monteiro is a science presenter based in the UK and works all over the world on science-based videos and stage shows. He originally qualified with a degree in Physics from Imperial College London and still helps with engagement there as an Honorary Outreach Lecturer. Alongside presenting, he also teaches science communication for researchers and offer training in scientific thinking and decision making in the corporate world.

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Tuesday 15 or Wednesday 16 October
1 hour session
Venue: Your school
Cost: £340 (up to 2 shows)

Book: contact@neilmonteiro.com