Learning Event Team Engineering with The Block Bus

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Mon 14 Oct -
Tue 15 Oct -
Wed 16 Oct -

An exciting Lego® building session from Alpha Inclusion with The Block Bus designing and constructing amazing bridges. Work as a team to build a bridge that will get the minifigures safely across the river! Get those engineering hats on and think about size, shape and construction! Sessions can be tailored based on any SEND requirements.

Costs include a ‘Building Blocks for Communication’ Resource Pack for each school.

Alpha Inclusion Walking MinifigAlpha Inclusion and Communication works with schools, communities and businesses on improving Essential Skills – Team Work, Communication, Resilience and Personal Effectiveness.

Lego® is a tool we use to engage and teach skills and develop greater working practices; whether that’s classroom learning or ongoing personal and team development.

The Block Bus™ is our vehicle that transports our Lego and other learning resources across the country to spread the word (and skills) to ensure individuals and teams reach their potential.

As well as mentoring for individuals, team-work challenges and fun days for groups or being a part of big events, we use structured, personalised and facilitated activities to promote creativity, problem solving and collaboration.

We also train and develop teams on Essential Communication Skills, so your students and staff can learn, develop and achieve together.

Alpha Inclusion

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Monday 14, Tuesday 15 or Wednesday 16 October
9.30am–12pm or 1pm–3.30pm (half day) / 9.30am–3.30pm (full day)
Venue: Your school
Cost: £285 per half-day session (up to 40 pupils) / £520 per whole day (up to 80 pupils – 2 sessions). Plus possible travel costs depending on location.

Book: enquiries@blockbus.co.uk