Learning Event Rocket – Moonshot!

Become a rocket scientist in less than an hour! Learn from a real-life rocket designer how rockets fly in this exciting hands-on workshop from Raptor Aerospace. Design and build your own stomprocket, refine its aerodynamics and accuracy, then try and land your rocket on our giant indoor moon!

Raptor Aerospace Ltd are a Norfolk based space-training company and launch service provider to the UK space industry. Developing and launching small research rockets we give researchers and students across the UK access to high speed and high altitude flight environments and give hands-on training in rockets and rocket propulsion to space industry personnel and to the public from our training facility in Coltishall, north of Norwich.

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KS2 Years 5/6
Wednesday 16 October
1 hour workshop
Venue: Your school
Cost: £280 per workshop (up to 35 students)

Book: booking@raptoraerospace.com