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Learning Event Rocket Kids

Event dates

Mon 15 Oct -
Tue 16 Oct -
Wed 17 Oct -
This is an event from the 2018 edition

Monday 15 October–Wednesday 17 October
9am-–12pm, 12.30pm–3.30pm

Rocket Kids, driven and delivered by Nick Corston from STEAM.Co, is an aspirational half-day event in school inspired by Homer Hickam’s best-selling book and blockbuster movie Rocket Boys.

Starting with an engaging 40-minute stage show, we shall look at what makes rockets fly. If site, weather and risk assessments allow, the show finale will be to fire a two-stage ‘black powder’ rocket with parachute recovery system about 500 feet in the air! Then, up to 45 students will participate in an outdoor activity where they will get the chance to make a paper rocket and fire it several hundred feet in the air using air from a bike pump.

See the fun in this short film:


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£300 per half day – full school assembly + workshop for 45 students