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Neuroplasticity: Rewiring your Brain

This is an event from the 2019 edition

Brain injury affects 250,000 people every year. Good rehabilitation is achieved by following the principles of neuroplasticity: the ability of the brain to form new connections. It is the process that happens as we learn new skills and is lifelong. Research shows that recovery from brain injuries, such as stroke and trauma, is dependent on this plasticity which enables new areas of the brain to take on the function of damaged parts. Join brain injury survivor James Piercy and neuroscientist Dr Michael Grey as they discuss the changing brain. Can we see James’ brain change as he learns a new task?

James Piercy is a science communicator and brain injury survivor. He works hard to raise awareness of brain injury and supports research into patient recovery. Michael Grey is a reader in rehabilitation neuroscience at UEA with a special interest in neuroplasticity and motor function. Both are founder members of the Norfolk and Waveney Acquired Brain Injury Network which aims to improve connections between researchers, clinicians and patients.

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Tuesday 22 October
Venue: The Forum, Gallery
Cost: £5
Age: 15+

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