Pint of Science: Atoms to Galaxies

Get closer to science with Pint of Science’s informal and interactive event. Local researchers will showcase their discoveries on a variety of scientific disciplines. Plus there will be a guest appearance from BBC broadcaster and ‘People’s Astronomer’ Mark Thompson, who will be sharing his expertise on our night skies. Real-life local astronomers will also share their perspective of our night sky with an awe-inspiring display of images provided by astro-photographers of the Norwich Astronomical Society, and there’ll be a pop-up bar from the Fat Cat Brewery Tap.

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Mark Thompson – From the Big Bang to a Pint of Beer:

In the beginning there was nothing! Then came the Big Bang, the fiery birth of the Universe, and with it hydrogen atoms were created in plentiful supply but look around you and you can see many, much more complex chemical structures. A humble pint of beer for example has alcohol and many other chemicals which were never present in the early Universe. From the Big Bang to a Pint of Beer follows the journey of hydrogen atoms as they experience processes and changes to create the necessary chemicals for a pint of beer!

Saturday 21 October
Venue: The Forum’s Atrium
Cost: £4
Age: 16+