This event happened in the past (2018 edition)

Pint of Science: Plastic – not so fantastic?

This is an event from the 2018 edition

Pint of Science is returning to Norwich Science Festival, this year with talks from TV presenter Lizzie Daly and researcher Dr Andrew Mayes from UEA. They will be speaking about plastics, and the way that they influence the environment around us. Set to be a wonderful night for the eco-conscious, materials-nerds, and anyone else in between! Of course, we can’t forget about the ‘pint’ portion of the night, so Fat Cat Brewery Tap will be bringing along their pop-up bar. We look forward to seeing you!

Plastics and our wildlife

Lizzie Daly Credit Bethan Knapper
Credit: Bethan Knapper

Lizzie Daly – Wildlife Biologist and Broadcaster

If you weren’t human, would you use as much plastic as you do now? The answer is probably no! But would the way we humans use plastic still affect you? The answer this time is, unfortunately, yes. Lizzie Daly is going to tell us how, and how much!

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Measuring Mess

Dr Andrew Mayes – Senior Lecturer, School of Chemistry, UEA

How do we know how much plastic is in our environment? Is there a better way of finding out? Dr Andrew Mayes will be telling us all about his research into methods of measuring just how much microplastic is in a sample, and how much he’s been finding!


Saturday 20 October
7.30pm–9.30pm (doors 7pm)
Venue: The Forum, Gallery
Cost: £4
Age: 16+