Learning Event Pi Power! Controlling Objects using Raspberry Pi and Python

Discover how to connect motors to a Raspberry Pi computer and create the very basics of a moving robot. Using Python, you’ll learn the code needed to operate the motors. As well as the workshop, students receive a guided tour of the Centre for Computing History, and get to enjoy time at the fun hands-on museum.

‘Pi Power’ is a fun workshop that introduces students to the concept of physical computing and demonstrates how a piece of code can be used to control objects outside the computer, in the physical world. This is a vital step in understanding the function and value of computing. In this activity, motors will be connected to a Raspberry Pi computer to create a basic roaming robot. The movement of this robot will be controlled using Python code.

When a class of 30 visits, the students will be divided into smaller groups of upto 15 students each. One group is given a guided tour of the museum and learns about computing history and the other group will take part in the above activity. After a break, the groups swap activities.

The Centre for Computing History is a pioneering educational charity based in Cambridge. It tells the fascinating story of the Information Age by exploring the historical, social and cultural impact of developments in personal computing. It is much more than a museum hosting hands-on exhibitions, educational workshops and a wide range of activities and events.

Centre for Computing History

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Tuesday 15 October
1 hour workshop + tour of museum
Venue: Centre for Computing History, Cambridge
Cost: £390 per group (up to 30 students)

Book: education@computinghistory.org.uk