Physics Fest – get hands-on with physics

From the Institute of Physics

Free activities in The Forum’s ‘Explorium’.

A day of exciting hands-on experiments and mind-boggling talks, which reveal how physics shapes our world around us, from heat, light, sound and electricity, through to mechanics, magnetism, and the structure of atoms.

Organised by the Institute of Physics (IOP) in partnership with The Forum and the Norwich Science Festival.

See what physics can do, in some hands-on fun, from super conductors to rockets and vacuum bazookas and everything in between.

The Institute of Physics, with support from Ensemble Automaton, Cambridge Hands On Science, and many volunteers, offers a day of spectacular entertainment and activity, with something for all ages.

Unfortunately the Tardis is currently out of action so cannot be here today.



Sunday 22 October
Venue: The Forum’s Explorium (Atrium) and Millennium Library
Cost: Free, drop-in
Age: All ages