This event happened in the past (2019 edition)

Health and Wellbeing Cafe

This is an event from the 2019 edition


This year’s Norwich Science Festival will host the inaugural Health and Wellbeing Cafe, in which we explore the latest science in human health with a focus on current research from UEA and the Norwich Research Park.

The cafe will start with two short talks on related topics by two speakers. After a short break to allow glasses to be refilled and conversations to start, we will follow up with an hour or so of questions to the speakers.

To launch the Cafe, Prof Dylan Edwards (Pro-Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) and Dr Sarah Hanson (Lecturer in Health Sciences) will discuss the latest in cancer research at UEA. The speakers are there to be questioned and talk about their work at all levels. Enjoy a drink and dive into the discussion! Everyone is welcome.

University of East Anglia

Friday 25 October
Venue: The Murderers
Cost: £3
Age: 18+

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled. UEA have contacted ticketholders directly and will issue refunds. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.