This event happened in the past (2018 edition)

Future Broads Challenge

Biodiversity Winners and Losers

This is an event from the 2018 edition

After a short presentation on a fascinating range of Broads’ wildlife, we will pose a future climate-impacted scenario. Teams are set the challenge to research from a variety of sources likely impacts on species and whether they are winners or losers. What do you think the future will bring?

With its range of species from rare swallowtail butterflies and bitterns, to the more common geese and fish, the Broads is a vital wildlife habitat. But as our climate continues to change it will provide opportunities for some and perhaps disaster for others.

Are you able to skim through the detail and latch onto the key information that will help you judge who could be winners and who are likely to be losers? The teams will present their findings and together we’ll paint a picture of what our wildlife might look like towards the end of the century.

The Broads Authority is charged with coordinating the care of the special Broads National Park along with helping people get out and enjoy and understand the place. This workshop will be led by two of their conservation /education staff with volunteer help. They will have wildlife expertise and be skilled in involving people to enable folk to make their own discoveries and share the outcome.

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Broads National Park

Programmed in conjunction with Norfolk Festival of Nature. The Norfolk Festival of Nature is a partnership that uniquely brings together many organisations that work across Norfolk for the benefit of wildlife and nature, including: Norfolk Wildlife Trust, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the British Trust for Ornithology, Norfolk Museums’ Service, the University of East Anglia, Wild Days Conservation, the Broads Authority, The National Centre for Writing, and many others.

Norfolk Festival of Nature

Saturday 20 October
Venue: Millennium Library, Vernon Castle Room
Cost: Free, booking required
Age: 12+

Tickets go off-sale 12 hours prior to the event. Tickets may be available at The Forum’s ticket office on the day. All attendees need a ticket.