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Forensic Psychology

Is Offender Profiling Art or Science?

This is an event from the 2019 edition

How do the police use offender profiling to help catch serious criminals? Often forensic psychologists assist the senior investigating officer, employing offender profiling – which uses psychological or behavioural markers. Former Scotland Yard Detective, Steve Gaskin, from Right Angle Events, will show you how it is used and will help you compile your own offender profile. All proceeds to the Benjamin Foundation.

Steve Gaskin is a graduate of the Institute of Police & Criminological Studies and was a senior investigator in the Metropolitan Police Service where he achieved the rank of Detective Chief Inspector. He is the advisor for BBC Silent Witness and is the Managing Director of a local business and teaches leadership and management across the UK. He is also the author of a recent study called “An Audit into the Mental Health well-being of the Events Industry”.

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Supported by Right Angle Events; all proceeds to the Benjamin Foundation

Right Angle
Benjamin Foundation
Sunday 20 October
Venue: The Forum, Auditorium
Cost: £6
Age: 18+

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