Ethical Carnivore

With Louise Gray

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.

We should all know exactly where our meat comes from. But what if you took this modern-day maxim to its logical conclusion? What if you only ate animals you killed yourself?

Louise Gray decided to do exactly that. Starting small, Louise shucked oysters and caught fish before moving on to shooting pigeons, rabbits and deer.

She also explored how meat such as chicken, pork and beef is raised on our behalf on both organic farms and factory farms.

The resulting book, The Ethical Carnivore, has been praised for offering an important insight into the meat industry at a time when how we produce our food could offer a key solution to environmental problems.

It also recently won Food Book of the Year and Best Investigative Work at the Guild of Food Writers Awards.


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Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled. Many apologies.

Sunday 29 October
Venue: The Forum’s Gallery
Cost: £4
Age: 12+