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Learning Event Engineering Flight KS3

Building Brick Satellites / Science of Flight / Practical Princpiles of Flight

This is an event from the 2019 edition

Discover what it takes to launch an aircraft or rocket, in our special day dedicated to aerospace and aeronautical engineering. Hear from real-life engineers and find out how to have a career in this fast-paced and ever-expanding industry.

Sponsored by KLM UK Engineering Ltd

KLM UK Engineering is delighted to be sponsoring the Engineering Flight Day, part of the Norwich Science Festival. As well as the exciting programme that is taking place two of our current engineers will be on hand to talk about their journey in aircraft engineering and will be part of a Q&A panel. The team will be on hand throughout the day to talk aviation and engineering and look forward to seeing you there!

Please note Raptor Aerospace are no longer able to attend, and have been replaced by Camouflaged Learning’s STEM challenge.


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Hear from industry speakers, who will reveal insights into aviation and aerospace engineering.

Science of Flight

Jon Chase Rap ScienceFind out how science is used in technology to achieve flight in airships, gliders, planes, helicopters, jets and rockets, with Jon Chase of Rap Science. Discover the basics of aerodynamics as well as finding out about some of the surprising events in the history of modern flight.

Rap science is a fun and engaging way to interact with scientific knowledge and learn about the world around us. It aims to provide an alternative way to engage with scientific topics and learning.

Run by qualified science communicator and professional science rapper Jon Chase, Rap Science blends together two of his passions, science and music. Using his unique approach to communicating science, Jon engages audiences with entertaining examples of how STEM impacts their lives.

Rap Science

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Practical Principles of Flight

Principles of Flight RAF MarhamTake the principles of flight paper aircraft challenge with RAF Marham. The session starts with an interactive discussion about what makes an aircraft fly, and lift, weight, thrust and drag are demonstrated.

Students find out about the effects of wing shape, aircraft balance, and then build their own paper aircraft using the knowledge gained. The session culminates in a flying competition to find the best model aircraft.

RAF Marham STEM ambassadors use their experience and skills as engineers and technologists to foster an interest in STEM subjects. Delivering sessions across Norfolk they offer schools free access to engineering based STEM sessions covering subjects such as Principles of Flight, levers and pulleys, robotics, coding and more.

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Ejection Perfection!

In this high-energy, hands-on RAF-themed STEM challenge, students are tasked to create a flying safety-cell for launch from our ejector seat cannon! Students solutions- made solely from up-cycled materials- must be capable of withstanding not only the rigours of flight, but also a very, very bumpy landing!

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Q&A Panel

Do you have a burning question about the aerospace and aeronautical industry? Our panel of experts  will take you behind the scenes and answer your queries.

In partnership with UTCN

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KS3 Years 7/8
Monday 14 October
Venue: University Technical College Norfolk (UTCN)
Cost: Free, booking required. Max 15 students.

Please contact if you are unable to book the full number of places you require.

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