Ellie Irving: The Matilda Effect

Ellie Irving talks about the real-life inspirations behind her book, The Matilda Effect, featuring Matilda and her astrophysicist granny, and shares her favourite inventions and science tricks.

12 year old Matilda loves inventing. She enters her best invention into the school science fair but doesn’t win, because the judges don’t believe she made it all by herself. Because she’s a girl.

She shares her woes with her Granny Joss and is astonished to learn her grandma was once a scientist herself – an astrophysicist, who discovered her very own planet.

Trouble is, Granny Joss’s boss stole her discovery for himself and is about to be awarded a Nobel Prize. Well, Matilda’s not having that. So she concocts a plan to bust Granny out of her care home and travel all the way to Sweden to gate crash the Nobel Prize ceremony and tell everyone the truth. If they don’t run into any obstacles on the way…


Saturday 21 October
Venue: Millennium Library, The Forum
Cost: Free, booking required
Age: 7+