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Mon 14 Oct -
Tue 15 Oct -
Wed 16 Oct -

A fantastic interactive workshop from The Little Story Telling Company about shipwreckers, DNA and hidden treasure! Discover how DNA is used to find out what someone looks like, where they come from and to return the treasure to its owner. Perfect for children learning about ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ and to inspire the next generation of authors and scientists.

DNA Detectives Smugglers Daughter front coverThis workshop is based on Mandy Hartley’s second children’s book The Smuggler’s Daughter. In the workshop we find out what it is like to be an author, and we will act out scenes starting with children discovering an old letter under the floorboards in their holiday cottage. We will watch Henry Nance, the head of the smugglers, set out a false light to lure a ship onto the rocks. We meet Elise the only survivor from the sinking ship. As she and Henry escape through the smugglers tunnel they leave valuable treasure which will be discovered years later. We will find out what DNA is, where we find DNA in our bodies and we will use DNA to find out what Henry looked like, discover where we came from, identify a rare mutation and return the treasure to its rightful owner! This interactive workshop will give children an incredible insight into how DNA is currently being used to answer questions about the past. It will hopefully inspire the next generation of authors and scientists.

Dr. Mandy Hartley founded The Little Story Telling Company in 2013. She has a PhD in Genetics and worked for 15 years in various different laboratories using DNA to study subjects as diverse as populations of fish at the genetic level, detecting inherited human diseases, criminal work and paternity and relationship testing.

She is now a science educator and author. She runs scientific workshops and performs stories to children from pre-school to 18 years old and works with over 80 different schools across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. The stories she performs are designed to be multi-sensory and to help children with their understanding and visualisation of different scientific concepts such as natural selection, evolution and inheritance. In her workshops, children learn about DNA in application to solving crimes, answering questions about the past and even extract DNA from fruit!

Mandy is also an author and has created a series DNA Detectives science-based adventure books which include many subjects within the curriculum for KS1 and KS2 science and literacy. They were written as a cross-curricular teaching aid. She has designed the stories so that the reader can see how the characters in the book use DNA to solve a mystery – just like real forensic scientists! At the same time the reader will learn about DNA as part of the story. The books are perfect for Year 6 pupils to help them understand topics such as ‘Evolution and Inheritance’.

Mandy wants to share her love and passion for science and literacy with children and hopefully inspire some future scientists or authors.

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Monday 14, Tuesday 15 or Wednesday 16 October
1 hour session
Venue: Your school
Cost: £200 (up to 80 students). Discounts for 3 or more sessions.

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