This event happened in the past (2017 edition)

Build Your Own Time Machine

This is an event from the 2017 edition

What would you do with a time machine?! And would your actions in the past cause ripples in the future?

Time travel makes for wonderful science fiction, but in this talk, we take a trip with science writer Brian Clegg into the real world of time machines.

Surprisingly, there is nothing in the laws of physics that prevents us from travelling through time. In fact, time travel is a natural consequence of relativity – though the reality is very different from the time machines of fiction.

There is no other topic that captures the imagination so dramatically. From an exploration of the nature of time and why time travellers’ conventions don’t get many attendees, to the revelation of our best time machine that has already been built, this talk shatters our illusions on the reality of time travel.


Brian Clegg is an award-winning British science writer and public speaker who has written over 20 popular science books and a growing range of novels. With over 30 popular science books in print, Brian focuses primarily on physics and mathematics, but a number of broad titles help introduce the fun of science to the wider public. These include Inflight Science and The Universe Inside You, plus his popular science quiz books How Many Moons Does the Earth Have? and What Colour is the Sun? Two of Brian’s books have been longlisted for the Royal Society Prize for science books – A Brief History of Infinity and Dice World.

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Sunday 22 October
Venue: The Forum’s Auditorium
Cost: £6, £4 concessions
Age: 11+