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Blooming Algae on the Norfolk Broads

The Teeth-Whitener Solution

This is an event from the 2019 edition

The golden algae Prymnesium parvum is a recurring seasonal issue on the Norfolk Broads, producing toxic blooms that, while non-toxic to humans, are lethal to fish, resulting in mass fish deaths on a regular basis.

Find out how a team from the Norwich Research Park have been investigating these incidents, leading to new monitoring techniques that give early warnings to partners at the Environment Agency and the Broads Authority. In this talk, you’ll also learn about the simple, practical approach that the team have developed to destroy Prymnesium blooms and the toxins that they produce.

The Rob Field Lab is a team of chemists, biochemists and biologists united by an interest in carbohydrates and natural products. They make their home at the John Innes Centre, an independent international centre of excellence in plant science and microbiology.

The research group, led by Prof Rob Field, focuses on developing and exploiting chemical tools and principles to address questions in plant and microbial carbohydrate metabolism.

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Wednesday 23 October

Venue: The Forum, Auditorium
Cost: Free, booking required
Age: 12+

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